The 1988 Subarus: Really, They're Made In Japan!

A low-budget ad like this one- which seems to have been filmed on a budget that even Cal Worthington » 9/11/08 11:00am 9/11/08 11:00am would have found unacceptably restrictive- makes the '88 Subarus seem somehow , especially when compared to the we get nowadays. Of course, it's hard to beat the ads of '69 in the cheapness department, but you need…

Justy + One-Legged Driver: Beats Excel! Beats Tercel!

Back in 1990, when you lined up for a drag race against the likes of the Toyota Tercel and Hyundai Excel, you needed something serious. Like f'rexample, a Subaru Justy, equipped with continuously variable tranny action! And if that hot tranny action ain't enough for you, sport, the orange-suited thugs from the… » 6/28/07 11:30am 6/28/07 11:30am