Cadillac Has A Big Thing For Timberlake's "Dick In A Box"

We've been laughing at the SNL skit "Dick In A Box" all week, even more so after NBC embraced the edginess of the Justin Timberlake sketch by releasing the "uncensored" version onto YouTube and NBC's own site. We were even more interested to see who would drop the marketing dough to get it's brand associated with… » 12/21/06 3:38pm 12/21/06 3:38pm

Cameron Diaz And Justin Timberlake Claim Attempted Assault By Car-Wielding Paparazzi

The nation's second-ranked "cougar" (behind Demi Moore, of course) Cameron Diaz, and her top-of-the-charts boy-toy Justin Timberlake, were reportedly leaving a friend's house yesterday evening when a paparazzi leaped out of the bushes and began to take pictures of the SexyBack couple. The pair then claim to have… » 9/21/06 8:47am 9/21/06 8:47am