The Weird World Of Exotic Car Junk Yards

A supercar is something that one buys to drive into a garage and collect dust that is eventually collected by a sheer cashmere hand-sock. On the rare occasion that it does actually get driven, if it hits anything harder than a maple leaf, it’s totaled - but what happens to it after its owner throws its crumpled mass… »5/12/15 9:00pm5/12/15 9:00pm

That "70-Year Old Traffic Jam" Isn't Quite What It Seems To Be

For some reason, I've been seeing links to this "70 Year Old Traffic Jam" all over my social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, Compuserve, the Source, all that. The story told is pretty compelling — American GIs ditched all those cars as they got the hell out after WWII — but it just doesn't seem to be true. »7/10/14 1:49pm7/10/14 1:49pm

These Guys Are Turning Dead Cars Into Living Bikes

Normally, seeing a video'd junkyard crammed full of hulks of vintage Citroëns and Fiat 600s makes me want to hop on a plane and save each and every one of them like some soft-hearted kook at the animal shelter. That's generally not possible, but what these folks over at Lola Madrid are doing with these basket-case… »2/25/13 12:00pm2/25/13 12:00pm