Junk Car Law Ensures We're Not Moving to Windsor Heights, IA

The Windsor Heights city council has voted that inoperable vehicles must be kept inside. No more leaving your old RX-4 or 810 in the backyard with a fence around it, pal. You've gotta build an enclosure for that heap while you wait for the latest and greatest salvation from JC Whitney to get it back on the road. Kill… » 11/14/06 4:15pm 11/14/06 4:15pm

California to Bust Smokers With Invisible Light

Gosh, it sounds like something straight of of Ray Bradbury, does it not? But it's true! California will be rotating emissions- sensing devices through Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The devices use infrared and ultraviolet beams linked to license-plate cameras to nail the most offensive… » 9/12/05 9:13am 9/12/05 9:13am