Breaking! Toyota Defies Industry, Sells Cars; 14.4% Increase In Sales Over June

Toyota couldn't ask for anything more — reporting their best-ever first-half sales in history. They hit calendar-year-to-date sales of 1,223,542. June sales were up 14.4% over last June. Toyota saw the Camry lead their passenger car division with sales up 38.7% over last June — allowing the automaker to post sales of… »7/03/06 3:24pm7/03/06 3:24pm

Breaking! DaimlerChrysler June Sales: Higher Merc Sales Can't Offset Drop in Chrysler Numbers

The German- American hybrid of DaimlerChrysler announced their US sales numbers for the month of June — and they, like every automaker, ain't too good. US sales numbers fell 13% to 206,748 vehicles from 238,274 in the month of June one year ago. The Chrysler Group led the tumble — reporting sales of 185,946 versus… »7/03/06 2:21pm7/03/06 2:21pm

Breaking! Ford Announces June Sales Numbers; Truck Sales Down, Car Sales Up

Although everyone expected to see lower sales numbers for the Dearborn-based automaker — it's still shocking to see and hear numbers coming from Bill Ford's baby like "down 14% — 161,796 units sold" (FoMoCo's truck sales for June) or "down 7% — 269,404 units sold" (FoMoCo's overall sales). But — there was an upside… »7/03/06 2:04pm7/03/06 2:04pm