Breaking! The Japanese Can Sell: Toyota Sales Up 16.2%, Honda Sales Up 10.2%; Nissan's Sorta French And Down 16%

The trifecta of automakers from the land of the rising sun each threw down their respective gauntlets today, or in Nissan's case a snow glove. That's because although Toyota and Honda showed upward ticks on year-to-year sales, (16.2% and 10.2%) Nissan just couldn't get the job done to make it a three-way of higher… »8/01/06 5:27pm8/01/06 5:27pm

Breaking! FoMoCo Makes Bold Move, Says Fuck You To Straight Talk And Switches Sales Graphic

So we were actually getting a warm and fuzzy feeling in our gut over the straight talk coming live and correct from the folks at FoMoCo. When the automaker released July sales numbers today, they threw down a graphic we thought represented an honest look at what the numbers said..."car sales down, truck sales down."… »8/01/06 2:40pm8/01/06 2:40pm