Ride Along With Montoya And See What It Looks Like To Win The Indy 500

There’s something surreal about the onboards from cars that travel over 220 mph lap after lap around an oval. Indianapolis Motor Speedway looks huge in all other respects, yet the onboards make it almost feel like you’re in your cousin’s Camaro, doin’ donuts on the lawn. Everything feels much, much smaller.
» 5/29/15 3:05pm 5/29/15 3:05pm

The Most Dangerous Thing In Juan Pablo Montoya's Garage Has 17 HP

Old race cars, model airplanes, trophies, a climbing wall, and even the Indianapolis 500 Oldsmobile Aurora pace car from his first win: it’s good to be Juan Pablo Montoya. Now that he’s won a second Indy 500, we fully expect Montoya to make a few additions to this Miami warehouse full of toys.
» 5/28/15 10:01am 5/28/15 10:01am

Montoya Drove From The Back To Win A Four-Way Battle For The Indy 500

The Indianapolis 500 went somewhat predictably for most of the race. The faster Chevrolets of Team Penske and Chip Ganassi Racing kept the top five spots for most of the day, edging out the Honda cars on speed. The big surprise was Juan Pablo Montoya coming back from 30th place to take the win.
» 5/24/15 4:13pm 5/24/15 4:13pm

Racers Crash On First Lap Of Indianapolis 500, Then Crash Under Yellow

It’s one thing to start the Indianapolis 500 with a crash near the back of the field. It’s another thing to have another crash under yellow further delay green laps of racing. Oops. So, effectively, the race really got to start from a single-file yellow-flag conga line, not so much from the original three-wide start.
» 5/24/15 1:52pm 5/24/15 1:52pm

Get An Indy 500 Winner & An Ex-F1 Driver Together And They Talk About: The Bachelor

The RACER Channel's Marshall Pruett asks defending IndyCar Series champion Scott Dixon, Simon Pagenaud, Ryan Briscoe, Sebastien Bourdais and Charlie Kimball to name the driver they'll have to beat in order to win the title in 2014. The conversation goes south when it's former McLaren F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya's… » 2/18/14 3:20pm 2/18/14 3:20pm

Watch Juan Pablo Montoya's Fiery Crash Into A Jet Engine Dryer Truck At The Daytona 500

There is no way to really explain to racing fans what just happened at the Daytona 500, so to non-racing fans this is going to sound fucking crazy, but… a guy who hasn't won a single race in 397 times might win after a car crashed into a truck FULL OF JET FUEL and exploded. » 2/27/12 10:48pm 2/27/12 10:48pm

My Name Is Juan Pablo Montoya, I Raced The Toyota-Save Mart Road Course, Prepare To Die!

Wait — what? Juan Pablo Montoya, the man who came from Formula One all the way across the pond to the lands of middle 'merica. The man who's got a talent for crashing just won his first Nascar Nextel Cup race — and it's the first race of the year won by a car other than a Chevy? Holy shnikes, we didn't think we'd ever… » 6/24/07 8:36pm 6/24/07 8:36pm

Connie Montoya May Heart Juan Pablo, But The Walls In Brooklyn Heart Him Just As Hard

The wife of Juan Pablo may be absolutely gushing the love over her #42, but apparently so do the walls of the Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in the lovely li'l town of Brooklyn, MI. Juan Pablo Montoya made it all of 67 laps yesterday before a wall decided to jump out and partake in some sensual car-wall loving.… » 6/18/07 7:00am 6/18/07 7:00am