Motor Trend Journalist Also Taking Money To Be A Spokesperson For An Oil Company

Motor Trend's Jessi Lang says she is a journalist who wants to help "build relationships" between that publication and its readers while covering the auto industry. She's also being paid to represent oil company Phiillips 66 as a spokesperson who is trying to help influence young people to buy their gas, something … »11/05/12 12:00pm11/05/12 12:00pm

Why Buses Always Plunge But Never Fall, Drop, Descend Or Plummet

Across the globe from America's biggest cities to small villages in India, buses are absolutely vital to how people get around. But sometimes, things don't work out as planned. Due to driver error, bad roads and bridges, poor weather or any number of other factors, buses can experience sudden changes in altitude that… »10/07/12 12:30pm10/07/12 12:30pm

Annoying Press Release of the Day: Former Car Saleswoman Doesn't Especially Like Cars, Writes About Them

We swear, this is straight out of The Onion. It also prompted a less-than-complimentary epithet from our own Robert Farago. Apparently, Dr. Robin Segal, a former car saleswoman, will now begin writing a column for allegedly popular website bellaonline, which purports to be "The Voice of Women." The topic?… »11/15/05 2:58pm11/15/05 2:58pm