Jalopnik's Own Fluffy Bunny Photobombs TV Broadcast With Jordan Taylor

Everyone knows Jordan Taylor has a huge heart for fluffy friends, so when I spotted him pop out of the car at Lone Star Le Mans, I handed Fluffy Bunny over for a brief photo op. Surprisingly, Jordon let Bunny do the #JTfacial this time, and was caught by the TV broadcast to prove it! »9/19/15 3:13pm9/19/15 3:13pm


Pit Lane Screw-Up Made End Of Mosport Race An Insane Battle For The Win

Only 0.477 seconds separated Wayne Taylor Racing from the number 31 Action Express car at today’s Tudor United SportsCar race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park*. Here’s how one mistake made the end of the race go from an easy win for Action Express to an insane battle for the top of the podium.
»7/12/15 4:45pm7/12/15 4:45pm

Winning Le Mans Is So Stressful You Pass The Time Sitting On The Can

The end of the 24 Hours of Le Mans was so stressful for Jordan Taylor that he hid in the bathroom for the end of the race. His Corvette Racing team was chasing AF Corse’s #51 Ferrari in GTE Pro until #51 had to come in for a half-hour’s worth of repairs, at which point, it was Corvette’s race to lose.
»6/15/15 10:01am6/15/15 10:01am

Jordan Taylor Throws Down The Pajama Gauntlet At Daytona

While part of me is a little disappointed that folks are just going back to their RVs to nap like normal, boring human beings instead of passing out at random spots in the paddock, I can't be disappointed in these pajamas. Are your pajamas this cool? The motorsports nap game just got pwn'd. »1/25/15 9:03am1/25/15 9:03am