Why Are Jordanian F-16s Suckling Gas From Israeli Tankers On Way To U.S.? 

Foxtrot Alpha’s contacts in Europe have noticed some interesting movements heading west out of the Middle East. Apparently, five Israeli Air Force F-15C/Ds and five F-15Is, along with five Jordanian Air Fore F-16s, have been dragged across the Mediterranean to Lajes Field by Israeli Air Force KC-707 Tankers. The jets… »8/13/15 2:31pm8/13/15 2:31pm


Israel Gave Jordan 16 Cobra Attack Helicopters To Repel ISIS 

There has been increasing talk about how the growing Islamic State could one day put Israel in its crosshairs. It is becoming more of an issue within the Mossad, and these worries are transforming into policy. Case in point: Israel gifted 16 AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunships to Jordan in an attempt forestall ISIS’… »7/25/15 2:13pm7/25/15 2:13pm

Check Out These Sweet Maritime Warfare Shots From Exercise Eager Lion  

Eager Lion 2015 was truly a land, air and sea exercise, with the maritime component working out of Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba. The exercise culminated last week in a large-scale assault demo that included units from Belgium, France, Jordan, Pakistan and the United States taking down a large ferry in spectacular… »5/26/15 7:20pm5/26/15 7:20pm

This All Female C-17 Crew Gets It Done During Exercise Eager Lion

An all female USAF C-17A Globemaster III crew from the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron participated in Exercise Eager Lion 2015. All-female crews are not an unheard of thing within America’s air forces, but fielding one during a Middle East exercise stands in stark contrast to how many countries in the region… »5/02/15 3:51pm5/02/15 3:51pm

What This Video Of Jordanian F-16s Striking ISIS Tells Us Is Alarming 

Jordan has released a video montage showing the kickoff of its retaliatory air campaign against ISIS in Syria. Over 20 Jordanian F-16s struck ISIS targets while US F-22s, F-16s, surveillance and tanker aircraft supported them. Although the idea of such a campaign represents a powerful show of force, the video hints… »2/07/15 1:00pm2/07/15 1:00pm

Jordan's King Wants To Go After ISIS Like Clint Eastwood In Unforgiven

There is a good chance that we will wake up to a very different anti-ISIS campaign over the skies of Syria in the coming days. Following the gruesome execution of their downed F-16 pilot, Jordan, led by its Special Forces impresario King, says it will bring 'every weapon it has' down on ISIS. This could include the… »2/05/15 8:20am2/05/15 8:20am

Nissan Patrol. ‘Hero of All Terrain’ driven in Jordan

Travelling to Jordan for a facelift would probably be discouraged by your medical adviser. Well, unless your medical adviser was a self-certified car nut, realised you were talking about the latest incarnation of the Nissan Patrol and had the opportunity to drive one across some of the most beautiful scenery the… »1/23/14 8:35am1/23/14 8:35am