Nissan Patrol. ‘Hero of All Terrain’ driven in Jordan

Travelling to Jordan for a facelift would probably be discouraged by your medical adviser. Well, unless your medical adviser was a self-certified car nut, realised you were talking about the latest incarnation of the Nissan Patrol and had the opportunity to drive one across some of the most beautiful scenery the… » 1/23/14 8:35am 1/23/14 8:35am

Oh, The Stefan Saga Never Ends, Does It? Eriksson's F1 Deal

Over at Pitpass, former Jordan marketing head Mark Gallagher offers his take on the Gizmondo mess from an insider's perspective, having dealt with Carl Freer shortly before his departure and maintaining contact with a number of folks involved while the whole thing began to unravel. Interestingly enough, Jordan was one… » 8/15/06 6:30am 8/15/06 6:30am