Pirelli World Challenge GT Championship Decided By Karma

There were two main contenders for the Pirelli World Challenge GT championship: Cadillac’s Johnny O’Connell and R. Ferri’s Olivier Beretta. Beretta was a highly controversial figure this year, with his rough racing style prompting a podium walk-off at Long Beach. Now he won’t get a championship, either. »9/13/15 6:38pm9/13/15 6:38pm


Johnny O'Connell, Small Screen Star, Tosses Out First Pitch At Last Night's Yankees-Tigers Game

Who knew that In addition to spending time waiting for his Corvette C6.R to drop off a car carrier, Johnny O'Connell could toss a fastball? We asked Johnny last night if he thought he'd thrown a strike and his response left no room for error: "That was definitely a strike!" While it looked more like it just barely… »8/28/07 9:15am8/28/07 9:15am

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Chevy Gives Corvette Racing Driver Johnny O'Connell A Chance To Be An Idol For America

One more Super Bowl ad's breached the gates at a Detroit tower of auto power. Today's break comes to us from the RenCen and it's one of the two spots from Chevrolet (the second one's going to be that college kid produced one). This commercial, called "Ain't We Got Love" features a host of stars and a bevy of… »2/02/07 2:36pm2/02/07 2:36pm