SEMA 2007: Chevrolet "Country Music" Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab Shows Off "Our Music?"

So we guess pop music maven John "Chevy" Mellencamp may still be able to croon about this here truck's "Our Truck" coming from "Our Country," but we're unsure he's able to continue to say that the music he's singing "our music" anymore. At least that's our thought behind the thoughts he must be having after seeing… » 10/29/07 9:45am 10/29/07 9:45am

Ad Watch Exclusive: Are You Ready For Some Amerigasm?

If you've seen the pre-game show for ABC's NBC's Sunday Night Football at all this season, you've surely seen the 90-second version of the Chevrolet Silverado commercial featuring the Amerigasmic "Our Country" by the Chevy "cougar," John Mellencamp. If you're not a football fan, here's your chance to see the only… » 11/06/06 8:22pm 11/06/06 8:22pm

The Onion Has A Japagasm Over The "Our Honda" Campaign

Those insane satanists of satire, The Onion, dropped a quick little article that would make even us stand up and be proud of our own American orgasm of patriotism. They've lampooned the recent Amerigasm-inducing John Mellencamp song, "Our Country", the soundtrack of the campaign for the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado pickup… » 11/06/06 9:51am 11/06/06 9:51am

This Is Our Commercial: Detroit Radio Station Attacks Mellencamp's Singing Of "Our Country" At World Series

After enjoying Bob Seger's rendition of "America The Beautiful" in person during the first game of the World Series this past weekend, I was all ready to hear how Anita Baker would do singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" during game two last night. So it was rather weird for me to see a quartet of acoustical… » 10/23/06 12:33pm 10/23/06 12:33pm

This Is Our Country, This Is Our, uh, Stephen Colbert?

Our putting Stephen Colbert on notice earlier this week appears to have rallied the nation's Colbert-fancying video-production community. Check out this clip, created by one such member for the "Stephen Colbert Green Screen Challenge." He (or her!) leveraged the Chevrolet Silverado ad Colbert and his toadies stole… » 10/05/06 9:03pm 10/05/06 9:03pm

America, Truck Yeah! Chevrolet Drops "Our Country, Our Truck" Silverado Marketing Campaign Like A Nuclear Bomb

Yesterday morning, a group of journalists (and one of us bloggers) were treated to some good ol' American shock n' awe as we had an opportunity to take in the musk of Chevy's new marketing blitz for the 2007 Silverado pickup. The truck's already been called "the most important product release in General Motors… » 9/26/06 1:13am 9/26/06 1:13am