John Hodgman Quits Uber Over Executive's Threat to Dox Female Blogger

In light of Uber executive Emil Michael's villainous statements against the app's biggest critics, John Hodgman revealed that he's quitting the car service. In a blog post on his web site Tuesday night, the comedian critiqued Michael's moves and officially deleted the app in protest. »11/19/14 12:36pm11/19/14 12:36pm


Once More For The Road: The Daily Show Reminds Us "The Internet...It's Not A Big Truck"

The Daily Show is playing it safe, as they don't think the message has been entirely saturated by the public mind. Thus, they felt the need to trot out Resident Expert Sir John Hodgman to remind folks yet again this important message from Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK). This message again can help you to differentiate a… »7/20/06 12:43pm7/20/06 12:43pm