John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix Turned Into Summer Dresses

There’s a dearth of tasteful intermingling between motor racing and fashion design. Albert Kriemler, designer of the Swiss couture house Akris, is looking to change that. His latest spring/summer collection is all about Formula One—specifically, about John Frankenheimer’s 1966 movie Grand Prix. » 4/10/12 10:30am 4/10/12 10:30am

Spawn Of Kirk Douglas To Ruin Grand Prix With Remake

Peter Douglas is remaking John Frankenheimer's Grand Prix. Why? The film only stands up because of the romance of the era, the novelty of the production, and the charm of James Garner — and that's all gone. (H/T Scroggz!) [Deadline] » 11/12/10 10:00am 11/12/10 10:00am

Grand Prix! Movie Clip From 1966 Monza

A YouTube misanthrope called MisanthropeMojo has slapped up some clips from the 1966 John Frankenheimer movie Grand Prix, which may still be the greatest auto-racing movie ever filmed, or ever will be filmed. It's finally coming to DVD, really soon, and the shorts are just about the only commercial the DVD needs.… » 7/25/06 12:12pm 7/25/06 12:12pm