John Edwards Needs To Get Rid Of His Cadillac SRX, Pot-Black Paint

Y'all remember John Edwards railing against SUV's earlier this week? Yeah — we do too. Somehow as we were reading his comments, we kinda knew this was coming. Really, we were just waiting for someone to dig up something like this on the former Senator, Presidential contender and man who wants to kill all trucks and… »8/31/07 1:45pm8/31/07 1:45pm


John Edwards Wants You To Take SUV's Away From Yourself

John Edwards, candidate for President and owner of an impenetrable hair shell, wants us bad 'mericans to stop driving those gas-guzzlin' SUV's. He told a group of machinist union members today in Disney World that he wants 'mericans to start sacrificing, and getting rid of SUV's is the way to start. So trade yours in… »8/29/07 12:30pm8/29/07 12:30pm