Drop Everything And Watch The First Ever Episode Of MotorWeek Right Now

MotorWeek first came on the air in October, 1981. Since it's been on the air for nearly 35 years, you'd expect that the formula has changed a lot. Well, it has not. And to prove it, here is the very first episode of the show. » 3/06/15 3:10pm 3/06/15 3:10pm

Of Course You Want To Watch John Davis Review Some Soviet 4x4s

Hi, I'm John Davis!

About a week ago I was watching MotorWeek at home. I just love the sultry rhythms of John Davis's voice when he says, "Hi, I'm John Davis." The show was on the new 911 Turbo, and some economy weird hybrid SUV or something, I was watching it for the 911 because usually MotorWeek has a different opinion on cars than… » 3/02/14 9:21am 3/02/14 9:21am

The 2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon Is A Suzuki Forenza In Wagon Form

John Davis reports that the Suzuki Forenza has "brisk sales," which means that the Forenza Wagon should also have brisk sales. I don't know about you folks, but I didn't know the Forenza Wagon existed until today. Eight years later. » 10/29/13 5:30pm 10/29/13 5:30pm

'The 1998 Mercedes CLK320 Is Just What The Doctor Ordered'

This thing has success written all over it! Well, not literally, but figuratively. That's because if it was literally on there the car would be ugly. » 10/23/13 5:30pm 10/23/13 5:30pm

'The 2009 Ford Focus Is Quite Peppy'

Remember when Ford just kept redesigning the first Focus for the US market instead of giving us the new one they got in Europe? Yeah, that was fun. Here's the 2009 car, and it's getting long in the tooth. » 10/16/13 5:30pm 10/16/13 5:30pm

'For The 1989 Cadillac Seville STS, Hope Springs Eternal'

I recently spent a good chunk of time in Cadillac's new challenger for BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, the 2014 CTS (full report coming). But back in the day, they used to compete with this, the Seville. » 10/14/13 5:30pm 10/14/13 5:30pm

'The Corvette Stingray Is Causing A Frenzy In The Automotive Waters'

This new Corvette, is called the Stingray, like the old one, and like the fish thing that lives in the water. It's already stirring up some trouble and stinging us where it hurts! » 10/09/13 5:30pm 10/09/13 5:30pm

'The 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Has Proactive Chassis Control'

The McLaren F1 was a car, but it isn't built anymore. The MP4-12C is a car, and it is built now. And MotorWeek got their hands on it. Excellent. » 10/08/13 5:35pm 10/08/13 5:35pm

'Is The Chevy Volt As Electrifying As Its Hype?'

Ah, the Volt. That controversial car that you either love or want to murder in cold blood. So how is it? Let's have John Davis and the MotorWeek crew find out. » 10/03/13 5:30pm 10/03/13 5:30pm