Be Impulsive for $4,500!

Despite Joe Isuzu's hyperbole, people used to avoid buying Isuzus as though they were chock full of grandma porn. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe gives you another chance to buy one, but is this Impulse just a regular Joe? » 1/05/10 7:00am 1/05/10 7:00am

Joe Isuzu Shuts Down Them Damn 911-Driving Huns In His I-Mark RS

As we know, the Isuzu I-Mark is a mighty racing machine. » 10/01/08 11:00am 10/01/08 11:00am But did you know that the '89 I-Mark RS could eat up a 911 piloted by a steely-eyed German on a rain-soaked autobahn? Sure could, provided was at the wheel. Guten morgen! Thanks to for the tip.

Joe Isuzu Has Left The Building Faster Than A...Well, You Know

In honor of Isuzu's decision to abandon the North American market, we wanted to remember the good times. Or well, the times when they sold cars here — like the Isuzu Impulse Turbo. Hmm, well, maybe we guess that was more like remembering times that were "different" and maybe not so much "good." Whatever. Joe Isuzu was… » 1/30/08 4:45pm 1/30/08 4:45pm