Jason Vines To Officially Take Over Marketing Efforts For The Chrysler Group?

The craziest man at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid is rumored to be officially taking up the marketing efforts at the Chrysler Group. We've heard PR man Jason Vines has been unofficially running the show on the ad side of the business of selling the company and the company's vehicles since "Joltin'"… »1/12/07 7:08pm1/12/07 7:08pm


That's What Friends Are For: A Jalopnik Farewell To Ex-Chrysler Marketing Man Joe Eberhardt

We reported earlier that Joe Eberhardt, the former exec veep of the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, left Auburn Hills for the last time today. We're assuming it was with all the pomp and circumstance one would expect for an outgoing executive of his caliber. We wish we could have watched as the Tech… »12/05/06 7:01pm12/05/06 7:01pm

Joltin' Joe Eberhardt Jumps Ship: Chrysler Marketing Man Moved To Mercedes

Joltin' Joe Eberhardt has left the building folks. Seriously — he's no longer at the Tech Center in Auburn Hills. The main marketing and sales man for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, according to a statement released today by the company: »12/05/06 2:40pm12/05/06 2:40pm

Although we're not saying obviously not-by-his own-choice…

Chrysler Group's Joltin' Joe Eberhardt Blames Jennifer Love Hewitt For The New Sebring Convertible

The cantankerous Joe "It's The Dealers Fault" Eberhardt already has a scapegoat primed and ready if sales numbers for the new Sebring convertible unveiled at the LA Auto Show don't quite meet with expectations, and scapegoat, thy name is Jennifer Love Hewitt. That's right, because according to Joltin' Joe's… »12/04/06 7:01am12/04/06 7:01am

Dealer Dollars: Chrysler Gives Dealers Incentive, But Will They Give It To You?

The 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's already shown a penchant for descent down the slippery sales ladder of incentives without saying they're incentives. Hell, maybe they're just lying to themselves. Whether they're telling the truth or just truthiness, the Detroit News is reporting today the chieftains… »12/02/06 2:24pm12/02/06 2:24pm

The Post Whereby We Welcome The Detroit News To The "Time To Go, Joe" Bandwagon

We've been concerned about the efficacy of Joe "Mad Dog" Eberhardt's sales and marketing strategy for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid for some time now. And it would appear, after reading Josee Valcourt's latest report from the world of Auburn Hills, we can now count the D-town bastion of auto… »11/29/06 11:10am11/29/06 11:10am

Autoexremist, er, Autoexcremist, er Autoextremist: Hey, Ho, Eberhardt Must Go!

The Peet that's Sweet and Fun to Eat has chimed in on the "Joe Eberhardt is a pox on Chrysler...or is he?" debate, and he's most definitely come down on the side of the pox. Peet's plan for Chysler Group's salvation? Bring back Wolfgang now that Herr Doktor "Your vife, my vife" Winterkorn has taken the big chair at… »11/22/06 2:00pm11/22/06 2:00pm

Chrysler Group's Marketing Man Makes You Wonder: "Hey Joe, Is It Time To Go?"

The recent (and steeply sloping) sales and revenue downturn over at the American side of the German-American hybrid has caused folks to speculate whether the muckety-mucks running the day-to-day show under Chrysler Group CEO Tom "two shakes a day" LaSorda over in the Auburn Hills, MI HQ have been making the wisest of… »11/09/06 3:00pm11/09/06 3:00pm