Exclusive never-before-seen photos from inside J.J. Abrams' Enterprise

While everyone is ramping up for J.J. Abrams' latest Trek movie, the Star Trek Into Darkness app is uncovering some hidden treasures from Star Trek past. We've got an exclusive collection of high-res, never-before-seen shots of the redesigned Enterprise bridge from 2009 — check them out! »4/18/13 4:55pm4/18/13 4:55pm

Young Captain Kirk Crashes Vintage Corvette Off Cliff In Star Trek Trailer

It looks like someone's snagged a bootleg of the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek »11/17/08 12:00pm11/17/08 12:00pm movie off the front of the James Bond flick . While Wert may have been focused on , we noticed the trailer showing a young Captain Kirk driving a C2 Corvette convertible off a cliff in an effort to evade a masked flying motorcycle…