Key Fake JFK Ambulance Evidence Also Fake

Throughout the saga of the 1963 Pontiac ambulance that purportedly carried the body of President John F. Kennedy, the Barrett-Jackson auction house touted a metal plate attached to its dash as possible proof of authenticity. Trouble is, it's fake, too. » 1/26/11 5:30pm 1/26/11 5:30pm

The JFK Ambulance Sells Again

On Saturday, right after Barrett-Jackson sold the ambulance that didn't carry President John F. Kennedy's body following his assassination, another collector bought it for "slightly more" than the $120,000 auction price — and she's no stranger to politics. » 1/25/11 9:30am 1/25/11 9:30am

Fake JFK Ambulance Sells For $120,000

Despite proof it's a fake, the Barrett-Jackson auction house still claims this "may be" the ambulance that transported President John F. Kennedy's body. It sold today at auction for $120,000. Barrett-Jackson's shredded credibility? Likely thrown in for free. » 1/22/11 8:33pm 1/22/11 8:33pm

Barrett-Jackson Stonewalls Over JFK Ambulance

Auctioneers Barrett-Jackson have finally addressed the fact that the 1963 Pontiac ambulance it's advertising as the one that transported President John F. Kennedy following his assassination is a fake. The auction house's take: Who knows? We're still selling it. UPDATED » 1/21/11 4:00pm 1/21/11 4:00pm

The JFK Ambulance Is A Fake

This Saturday's auction of the ambulance that carried President John F. Kennedy's body has garnered worldwide attention. The only problem? It's a near-perfect fake. Here's how a group of historians discovered the truth about what happened to the real ambulance. » 1/20/11 9:50pm 1/20/11 9:50pm