Jewish NASCAR Driver Faces Anti-Semitism, Water Is Watery

There are many places in the American south that are accepting of Judaism, and not even in that weird eschatological/red cows sort of way. Those places are not in pit row at a NASCAR event. Just ask Jon Denning, NASCAR's token Jewish driver. Believe it or not, some people tried to convert Denning to Christianity. Some… »1/18/08 9:30am1/18/08 9:30am

We Never Even Knew The General Was A Member Of The Tribe: GM Axes "Survivor" Sponsorship

Any chance we've got to make an M.O.T. khokhme, one of us will go to the ends of the earth to do it — and what better way to make a tribal reference than when GM's gone and pulled its sponsorship of the reality show tribe-on-tribe gang war that is "Survivor." And although GM's claiming that the pull-out from lebn… »8/30/06 6:35pm8/30/06 6:35pm