How To Fix Volkswagen's Sales Problem

The Volkswagen brand has been in a continual struggle to sell cars, and everyone from internet commenters to VAG leadership seems to be scratching their heads as to why. But I think I've figured out exactly what VW needs to do in order to sell more cars. They need to look to their corporate cousin, Audi. » 4/29/14 1:30pm 4/29/14 1:30pm

Don't believe everything you hear about the 1985 Volkswagen Jetta

In case you mistakenly heard the redesigned 1985 Jetta was able to jump fallen trees, transport elephants or fit several dozen suitcases in the trunk, Volkswagen wanted you to know none of it was true. Following the unconventional advertising mold that served the company so well, Volkswagen drove that point home by… » 6/04/11 9:00am 6/04/11 9:00am