The Ladies Dig Turbo Rocket Fluid: 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire

The 1962 Olds Jetfire was the first American production car to get a turbocharged V8, and it produced 215 horsepower out of its 215-cubic-inch aluminum V8 (yes, the same engine family that became the Rover V8). Here we see an Olds-drivin' stud getting his lady friend in the mood by stomping on the go pedal and sending… »12/10/08 3:15pm12/10/08 3:15pm


Transformers 2 Call Sheet Leaked, Confirms Even More Autobots To Roll Out

EXT SHANGHAI STEEL YARD Strike force in hummers & Trikes pull off HazMat suits EXT SHANGHAI SIDE STREET Kids run up to get ice cream. DOLLY FRONT SHOT Chinese kids. Headlight flare. THIN TRACK RIG BETWEEN KIDS TRUCK DIGITAL PASS THRU in front of Chinese kids. Wind kicks up. Two halves of Ice Cream Truck. One spins.…
»6/11/08 4:20pm6/11/08 4:20pm