Man Who Claimed to Be The Inventor of the Jetpack Dies

Justin Capra, a Romanian inventor who claimed to have invented the first functional jetpack, died on Monday at the age of 81. Capra used to say that he built his jetpack in 1956, well before Bell Aerosystems' 1961 untethered flights with their rocket belt. The only problem? He was never able to produce any credible… » 1/21/15 8:40pm 1/21/15 8:40pm

The Personal Jetpack Is About To Become A Reality

Although its name is "Jetpack", the experimental aircraft actually uses ducted fans to provide lift to its single occupant who was selected for his tiny brain and ginormous brass pair. Since its pilot straps onto it and does not sit, the device is not a backpack because it is too large to be worn while walking. » 12/04/14 1:14pm 12/04/14 1:14pm

Godspeed, Robert F. Courter, Jr., (1925-2013), The Man Who Had the…

Only one man flew BOTH of the devices you see on the left: the Jet Belt and the Rocket Belt. He passed away recently and it is only fitting that we pause for a moment to reflect on the remarkable career and life of Robert F. Courter, Jr, the man who had the coolest job on Earth. » 3/04/13 4:28pm 3/04/13 4:28pm

Rocket Man Breaks Multi-Loop Record

Reminding us how cool jetpacks are, daredevil Yves Rossy jumped out of a hot air balloon Friday and successfully did two loops over Lake Geneva in Switzerland Friday at 200 mph before safely landing. Amazing video below. » 11/06/10 12:00pm 11/06/10 12:00pm

2009 Ford Focus RS Versus Jet Pack

Eric Scott set a record for fastest jet-pack flight this week by reaching 68 MPH in a race against the 2009 Ford Focus RS. Awesome feat — but we'd still rather have the Focus RS. » 5/13/09 1:00pm 5/13/09 1:00pm