Why You Really Shouldn't Run Jet Fuel In Your Car

Most gearheads have probably heard stories about running jet fuel in cars for instant, magical speed increases. If you look online, the question comes up pretty often. The same goes for other exotic fuels, like aviation gasoline and Pegasus urine. So what's the truth here? Is jet fuel a magic speed-serum? » 8/30/12 4:00pm 8/30/12 4:00pm

Watch Juan Pablo Montoya's Fiery Crash Into A Jet Engine Dryer Truck At…

There is no way to really explain to racing fans what just happened at the Daytona 500, so to non-racing fans this is going to sound fucking crazy, but… a guy who hasn't won a single race in 397 times might win after a car crashed into a truck FULL OF JET FUEL and exploded. » 2/27/12 10:48pm 2/27/12 10:48pm