It's Easy Being Greedy: Kerkorian Tender Offer To "Easily" Net 5.5% Ford Stake

We'll tell you this much — Kirk Kerkorian knows how to play the auto industry like a fiddle. The man can turn a quick buck out here in Detroit like a street corner vendor selling Red Wings championship gear. Long-term success? Ha! Who needs it? Not when you can parlay a stock price up high enough to pull in… »6/10/08 11:10am6/10/08 11:10am


Chrysler Group Sales Speculation — Taken For A Ride II: Judgement Day

Everyone knows who Bill Vlasic is right? He's the Detroit News reporter who co-wrote the definitive account of the how Chrysler and Mercedes became the stilted and fubar married couple they are today. Vlasic and co-author Bradley A. Stertz's "Taken For A Ride" starts with an attempted takeover by a certain peppermint… »4/05/07 4:08pm4/05/07 4:08pm

Taste The Excitement! Jerry York's Resignation Is Kirk Kerkorian's First Step In All-Out War Against The General?

Ok, we're still digesting this one but it seems that we shouldn't be worried about who'll be bringing the fire to shove under Rick's backside after GM Board member Jerry "Peppermint Patty" York announced his resignation earlier today. The fire's still there — and it's in the form of a potential hostile takeover.… »10/06/06 2:23pm10/06/06 2:23pm

Breaking! Jerry York Resigns From GM Board Of Directors — Will He Take Fire With Him?

Automotive News is reporting what folks have been speculating about all week after the GM-Renault-Nissan talks were axed — Jerry York, the Kirk Kerkorian flunky and member of the GM board of directors, has resigned from the General's board, according to a filing today with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In… »10/06/06 1:44pm10/06/06 1:44pm

Autoextremist Feels Ghosn, York, KirkKerk; Doesn't Like It

Sweet Peet D looks at the ways GM, Nissan and Renault could unite on specific products, including an engine-manufaturing alliance much like Hyundai, DCX and Mitsu's GEMA, as well as some platform-sharing. And in the Autoextremist's eyes, that's all they're gonna get out of Ghosn, York and Kerkorian's talks with… »7/12/06 6:00pm7/12/06 6:00pm

Kerkorian Warns What? The Times' Micki Maynard Interviews Tracinda's "Spokesperson"

Yeah, it's total speculation on our part but we can't think of anyone else Micki would be talking to with this kind of knowledge of the direction Tracinda's looking to take with GM — save Kirk Kerkorian or Jerry York or one of their inner circle. We're ruling out usual suspect Anthony Mandekic, who's usually more… »7/06/06 7:20pm7/06/06 7:20pm

Hello, Jerry (Hello, New Man): Kerkorian's Guy Gets GM Board Seat

Billionaire financier and GM stock accumulator Kirk Kerkorian's right-hand man, Jerome "Jerry" York, has been appointed to the General Motors Board of Directors. York, an auto industry veteran, recently told a group of financial analysts that GM should unload a couple of its brands and slash executive salaries as… »2/07/06 8:30am2/07/06 8:30am

Kerkorian's Right-Hand Man Gives GM the Back of His Own

Corporate raider and GM shareholder Kirk Kerkorian's closest associate and taker of no shit, Jerry York, unfurled GM's flag of shame for all to see during a lunchtime keynote at GM's own Renaissance Center. Not one to open with a joke, York bid GM to get real with its dire financial situation by cutting dividends and… »1/10/06 6:19pm1/10/06 6:19pm