Here Is The Official Report Of Louis Freeh's Investigation Into Penn State

The findings of the former FBI director Louis Freeh's months-long inquiry into Penn State has just been made public on the Freeh Group's website. There's much to parse through, and obviously many questions to be asked. We've already shown you some preliminary documents we believe were preparation materials for the 10… »7/12/12 9:05am7/12/12 9:05am


This Photo Of His Car Tells You All You Need To Know About Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer

Closing arguments were made this morning at the Jerry Sandusky trial, but more on that later. For now, let's all take a moment to marvel at this photo of the back of Lawyerin' Joe Amendola's BMW SUV, which not only has a vanity license plate, but an expired vehicle registration sticker ("5-12," or "May 2012") on the… »6/21/12 1:55pm6/21/12 1:55pm