Jerry Flint, Curmudgeonly Automotive Journalist, Dead At 79

Jerry Flint, the official curmudgeon of the auto journalism world whose career dated to the Eisenhower administration, died Saturday. We fly our ascots at half-staff in his honor today. » 8/08/10 1:41pm 8/08/10 1:41pm

Jerry Flint-stone's At It Again

The curmodgeon-y one hath returned. In today's Car Connection, Flint analyzes the New York Auto Show — didn't that happen like, two weeks ago? Seriously, and he's the one arguing that GM has design models out of date? We're surprised the lovable curmodgeon isn't talking about the Detroit show — from like five years… » 4/24/06 9:00am 4/24/06 9:00am

Jerry Flint: We're Technologically Lacking

The august Mister Flint goes ahead and busts it out. Hardtop droptops. Four-door supercoupes. Crossovers. V-6s with cylinder deactivation. Direct fuel injection. Clean diesel. Electronic intake/exhaust valves. Autoboxes with too many gears to count on one hand. And then, Thee Flint, he drops the obvio-bomb. Pretty… » 3/07/06 3:29pm 3/07/06 3:29pm