President-Elect Barack Obama Is Detroit's Personal Jesus, Plans To Help Not-So-Big Three

It looks like it was a good thing Michigan delivered up the electoral votes to help elect Barack Obama, because he's just made saving the auto industry part two of a three-part plan to address the nation's economic woes. In his first press conference today as President-elect, Obama whipped Michigan Gov. Jennifer… »11/07/08 3:40pm11/07/08 3:40pm

Michigan Governor Proposes Lower Speed Limits, Removing Last Reason To Stay In Michigan

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm today suggesting the state should consider lowering its 70 MPH (which, in practice, means 80 MPH) interstate speed limit in an effort to save energy. Wrapping her statement in the "families are hurting" argument, the governor made the politically delicate suggestion minus any actual… »7/02/08 3:20pm7/02/08 3:20pm

Danny Howes Attacks Michigan Governor's Husband For Telling The Truth About Toyota

Fair warning here — if you're not into the industry navel-gazing, you'll probably just want to run along to another post — because this one'll be a doozy. I digitally opened up the Detroit papers this morning, ready to sink into some meaty auto industry news when I ran into something both strange and bizarre. It was… »2/21/07 2:45pm2/21/07 2:45pm

Great Balls Of Lightning! Tesla Motors To Electrify Michigan On Tuesday?

It seems Michigan's Governor Granholm (In the interest of full disclosure, I worked for the "G" for three years prior to writing about my obsession with the cult of cars — so ignore any instances of breathless adoration of Michigan's CEO.) is seriously working the phones and the flesh-pressing in an attempt to woo… »1/14/07 6:20pm1/14/07 6:20pm

Swag Alert: Mmm...Nothing Like A York (Township) Chocolate Patty From Toyota

Toyota broke ground Friday on their newest facility, a 700-acre crash test facility that'll employ 400 outside of Ann Arbor in sleepy little York Township. Toyota received a state-provided incentive package for the new facility, and well...that's about it. The news was greeted by yawns and our right hand mimicking a… »9/11/06 1:21pm9/11/06 1:21pm

Bush To Automakers: "Yes, I'll Meet With You...After The Election...I Swear!"

The White House yesterday claims to finally have decided to meet with US automakers in a meeting that's been scheduled and re-scheduled and now re-scheduled yet again, this time for after the mid-term elections. The boys n' girls at the center of the beltway finally confirmed to the Detroit News yesterday that "the… »9/06/06 8:53am9/06/06 8:53am

Sometimes A Guv's Gotta Do What A Guv's Gotta Do: Michigan Guv Granholm Creates Incentive Program For 1,000 BioFuel Pumps By 2008

Michigan's Governor Granholm knows that just because the Commander-in-Chief doesn't have the time to meet with the leaders of the Big Three, it don't mean she can't help to solve one of their problems all by her lonesome. The Guv's gone and found a way to get some more of those darn-hard-to-find E85 pumps into… »8/29/06 4:30pm8/29/06 4:30pm

Governor Granholm Pleads With King George: "Grant Our Automakers A Meeting!"

A fort-night ago 'twas decreed no US automakers shall be granted audience with King George, he of divine right and providence province. Lo' what is this? Despite said decree, there be one who still challenges the King. It is Lady Granholm, Governor of the lands of Mee-chee-gahn, protector of the automotive heritage… »7/05/06 6:28pm7/05/06 6:28pm

DetroitWonk Defends Governor's Attempts to Keep Wixom Open

So our boy Ray-Ray, an unabashed fan of Governor Jennifer Granholm (and a former Granholm administration employee), has taken umbrage at a Detroit News piece that suggests that Wixom's being shuttered because of high taxes. Ray points out the incentives offered Ford to keep the plant open, and then goes on to point… »3/01/06 4:32pm3/01/06 4:32pm