2015 Cadillac Escalade drops the guilty & ups the pleasure

For me, the Cadillac Escalade has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure vehicle. This is a machine that I shouldn't like, but for some reason I'm oddly attracted to said vehicle. I once took a 900-mile road trip in a last-generation Escalade Platinum Hybrid. With four adults seated comfortably, the journey was a… »9/03/14 11:24am9/03/14 11:24am

Podcast: Episode 7 - The "We're actually funny in this one" edition

It's time for another episode of the Hooniverse Podcast... Roger Ebert called it the greatest podcast of our generation, but he didn't write it down so I can't prove that. Regardless, it's back and cars are the subject of discussion. They're always the subject, but they're the subject again here. »4/18/13 3:33pm4/18/13 3:33pm

Classic cars meet classic roads on American Detours

Apparently it's Pimp-Your-Car-Show Day, because I've got one I want to share with you. As excited as I am for Mr. Harper's new show Fast Lane, I'm even more excited for my own web-series called American Detours. The basic concept is taking classic cars on classic roads in various parts of the country. »4/12/13 1:27pm4/12/13 1:27pm

AOL blogger moonlights for ad agency, shills for client

If a writer for a top automotive website took money or gifts from an ad agency to promote an automaker's celebrity contest, would it raise eyebrows? It would certainly raise ours. Today, Autoblog writer Jeff Glucker wrote about Nissan's Britney Spears contest. Trouble is, he's working for the agency that's running it. »9/28/11 6:05pm9/28/11 6:05pm