How Jeeps Reclaimed Iceland, And How Diesel Soot Is Taking It Away

Before four-wheel drive, Iceland’s interior was nearly inaccessible. Only ex-World War II Jeeps and later modified ‘Superjeeps’ connected Iceland’s people to their most stunning landscapes. Recent research, however, shows that these offroaders are damaging the very environment they opened up, and not in the way you… »8/17/15 2:30pm8/17/15 2:30pm


ICON vs. ICON: Two 4x4 builders and the quest for identity

Jonathan Ward's sister Elizabeth isn't a car enthusiast. But she was thrilled when she saw a rugged, upright 4x4 with a canvas top, exposed door hinges, and an ICON decal on the hood. She posted a photo to Facebook and tagged her brother, whose company, ICON 4x4, is legendary for stuffing modern drivetrains and… »11/04/14 11:14am11/04/14 11:14am

Four Insane 60s Military Prototypes That Crashed and Burned


If the music‘s anything to go by, pretty much everyone was on something in the ’60s — and that includes the engineers. BAE Systems has recently dug up some totally batshit-crazy ideas that were seriously being kicked around by its ‘crack’ team of engineers, and they’re both totally ridiculous and dangerously awesome. »6/18/13 3:40pm6/18/13 3:40pm