World’s Fastest N/A Jeep SRT8 Is Like A Yak In Racing Flats

In the mountains of central Asia, yak racing is a hairier, but no less entertaining twist on horse racing. It's kind of like building and running the world's fastest naturally-aspirated SRT8 Jeep. » 5/07/12 1:00pm 5/07/12 1:00pm

This $235,000 Jeep SRT8 is quicker than a Porsche Turbo

A tuned Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 that can get from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds? Indeed, it's a Texas thing. It's the 800-hp HPE800 Twin Turbo Jeep by Hennessey Performance. The price is oilman-rich too: It starts at $235,000. » 12/20/11 1:30pm 12/20/11 1:30pm

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 May Get Towing Package

Based on spy photos the Detroit News » 8/20/08 11:20am 8/20/08 11:20am appears to have received from a reader, Jeep's hot-rod mid-size SUV may soon be able to pull your boat. According to their report, the has been spotted with the dual center-mounted exhaust outlets moved to one-per-side, and the test mule was seen pulling a trailer. Jeep hasn't…