Fiat's New Small Pickup Supposedly Based On The Jeep Renegade's Platform

The new Fiat Toro compact crew-cab pickup truck has been revealed for the Brazilian market. While official details on the vehicle’s architecture haven’t been confirmed, local reporters in Brazil seem to think it shares at least part of the Jeep Renegade’s “small-wide” platform. »10/22/15 11:47am10/22/15 11:47am


Why Everyone Is Going Nuts Over The Honda HR-V And Not The Jeep Renegade

Like most of you I was pretty excited about the new Jeep Renegade, and I don’t even really like crossovers. Jeep clearly had history and hype on its side when it launched the nameplate, but last month Honda crashed the crossover party with the HR-V and left Jeep in the dust. So how did they do it? »6/17/15 1:39pm6/17/15 1:39pm

Chrysler Reveals Detroit Auto Show Concept Sketches Via Semi-Hilarious Web Comedy Routine

We give Chrysler PR main man Jason Vines a lot of credit — probably way too much — but it's because once in a while he's able to deliver from his ADD-adled mind some truly amazing attempts to break through the clutter and cacophony of noise that is automotive public relations. Whether it's fueling the fire of the "… »11/20/07 2:15pm11/20/07 2:15pm