Why Everyone Is Going Nuts Over The Honda HR-V And Not The Jeep Renegade

Like most of you I was pretty excited about the new Jeep Renegade, and I don’t even really like crossovers. Jeep clearly had history and hype on its side when it launched the nameplate, but last month Honda crashed the crossover party with the HR-V and left Jeep in the dust. So how did they do it? » 6/17/15 1:39pm 6/17/15 1:39pm

Detroit Auto Show: Jeep Renegade Concept

The Jeep Renegade Concept is the third of Chrysler's concept vehicles unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Yes, it is the same as that Halo-looking contraption that Vines told us about, kind of, back in November. A 1.5-liter three-cylinder BLUETEC diesel engine is what this vehicle is sporting in a very green manner in… » 1/14/08 12:59pm 1/14/08 12:59pm

Chrysler Reveals Detroit Auto Show Concept Sketches Via Semi-Hilarious…

We give Chrysler PR main man Jason Vines a lot of credit — probably way too much — but it's because once in a while he's able to deliver from his ADD-adled mind some truly amazing attempts to break through the clutter and cacophony of noise that is automotive public relations. Whether it's fueling the fire of the "… » 11/20/07 2:15pm 11/20/07 2:15pm