Jeep Thinks The Patriot, Compass Are Too Cheap To Buy

Visit the "View All Vehicles" section of Jeep's website and select the "$17,000 to $21,000" price range, it displays no vehicles, subtly admitting the Compass and Patriot are too cheap and inconsequential to be considered. (Thanks Robert!) » 6/22/10 2:00pm 6/22/10 2:00pm

Extreme Mopar Off-Road Rams, Jeeps Justify Chrysler's Existence

Chrysler's Mopar division went hog-wild on new off-roading rigs for the 44th Easter Jeep Safari. There's a quartet of Wranglers, the bitchin' Nukizer concept, a high-clearance Powerwagon and the Raptor-like Ram Runner. Glad to see someone at ChryCo's still kicking. » 3/31/10 4:30pm 3/31/10 4:30pm

The 20 Cheapest Cars To Insure

The flipside of yesterday's 20 most expensive cars to insure in America list is today's list of the 20 least expensive cars to insure. Like saving money? Get ready to own a lame crossover or minivan. » 3/18/10 3:30pm 3/18/10 3:30pm

Chrysler Reveals Product Future To Journalists, We Reveal Plans To You

Thanks to not being invited to today's secret Chrysler future product event, we're not covered by any embargoes. Good. Because that means we're able to tell you all about Chrysler's future product! Yay! » 12/17/08 4:45pm 12/17/08 4:45pm

Jeep Patriot Back Country Concept Soft-Roads Toward Paris

Even the Jeep Patriot » 9/25/08 1:40pm 9/25/08 1:40pm is getting the VIP treatment for next month's , arriving in Mopar-accessorized Back Country regalia. The Patriot Back Country concept gets a special coat of Optic Green paint along with a roof-mounted cargo basket, off-road lighting, 18" wheels and tires and blackout treatments at key exterior…