Jeep Taunts Civilian Enthusiasts, Shows Off Wrangler J8 At Euro Jeep Camp 2008

The production version of the Jeep Wrangler J8 made it's Euro debut at Jeep Camp 2008 in Germany this week. While not in itself news — we've already covered its officially official return — news of its Euro reveal got us to lusting after the new military-spec off-roader. Since we can't get it and you can't get it, we… »7/11/08 10:00am7/11/08 10:00am

PUTC Checks Out The Jeep J8 Sarge, Can't Find Wert's Missing Burberry Scarf

Nobody really knows what Wert drove to his reunion. Some say they saw a Z06 parked at Como's in Ferndale. Others claim to have seen either a Burberry scarf or a broken tailgate flapping in the wind as a Jeep JT concept truck flew down Woodward Avenue. All we do know is he didn't drive the Jeep J8 "Sarge." Luckily,… »7/07/08 3:40pm7/07/08 3:40pm

Jeep J8: Taking The Wrangler Unlimited To Boot Camp, Bringing Back A Brute Of A Pickup

We saw it in spy shots for the first time a couple of months ago, and of course we're excited about the Brute-like JT Concept we'll be seeing at SEMA, but now it's official — Jeep's making another run at military vehicle sales with their newest offering for the defense systems crowd — the Jeep J8. Built off the new… »9/14/07 10:15am9/14/07 10:15am