New Jeep Wrangler And Grand Cherokee In 2017, Grand Wagoneer For 2018

Jeep is planning world domination of the SUV market over the next five years with the 2014 Renegade, an all-new replacement for the Compass and Patriot in 2016, redesigns of the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee in 2017, and a Suburban-sized SUV reviving the Grand Wagoneer badge in 2018. » 5/06/14 10:44am 5/06/14 10:44am

Jeep To Resurrect Grand Wagoneer Name

Somewhat lost in yesterday's Jeep press conference was news the off-road brand will, in two years, resurrect the Grand Wagoneer nameplate — the vehicle with the second longest continuous automotive production run in U.S. history. » 1/11/11 9:30am 1/11/11 9:30am

One Of The Last AMC-Built Grand Wagoneers Heads To The Last Roundup

Chrysler bought what was left of AMC in 1987, it's a little sad to see this woodgrain-bedecked Pre Cupholder Era SUV from 1986- back when SUVs were honest about their truckness- about to be crushed. » 10/24/09 12:00pm 10/24/09 12:00pm

Low-Mileage Jeep Grand Wagoneer To Be Clunkerized

As if the death of a somewhat troublesome Maserati BiTurbo wasn't bad enough, a dealership in Bloomington, Indiana is preparing to execute this supremely reliable 1989 Jeep Wagoneer V6 4x4 with just 67K on the odometer. » 8/17/09 5:35pm 8/17/09 5:35pm

Ten Best Used Bargain SUVs...And One That Isn't

Since owners are fleeing their SUVs like rats from a sinking ship, it seems like a great time to put together a list of the top used SUV bargains. Luckily, Popular Mechanics » 9/24/08 4:30pm 9/24/08 4:30pm has put together just such a list. After all, some people out there actually need a purposeful wagon to take them off-road or help them haul a…