Your Ridiculously Awesome MINI John Cooper Works Wallpaper Is Here

Most car wallpapers feature sweeping vistas and wide shots of the cars. You can take in the majesty of the entire vehicle and see the way all the pieces come together. But today, we’re losing the forest for the trees. When you focus on a beautiful detail, you start to appreciate a car’s lines in a new way. » 4/12/15 3:40pm 4/12/15 3:40pm

2008 John Cooper Works MINI Cooper Clubman, Pictures To Go With Long Name

2008 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper Clubman. That's sort of like saying Porsche Cayenne GTS. Performance monikers slapped on vehicles with inherant performance shortcomings. Yes, we know, the 2008 JCW Mini Cooper Clubman already got the unveil at Geneva, but it was a pretty big show, and Spin and myself didn't really… » 3/19/08 6:17pm 3/19/08 6:17pm

2008 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper Clubman Revealed, Officially!

In addition to the just revealed 2008 JCW Mini Cooper S, we've also got some great shots below of the new 2008 JCW Mini Cooper Clubman S. It's the first time JCW's gotten a hold of the Clubman, and the photos look great — better even the faux JCW Mini Cooper Clubman S we'd seen already. Unfortunately, we won't have a… » 2/23/08 6:00pm 2/23/08 6:00pm

Dutch Autoweek Gets It Wrong On JCW-Infused Mini Clubman

Last week, the folks at Autoweek.nl reported the release of the new JCW Mini Clubman. According to the Mini-gasmic folks at Motoring File, they were totally wrong. According to them, the pictures were actually some BMW press shots showing off how you could kit up the Mini Clubman with the current portfolio of… » 11/12/07 10:45am 11/12/07 10:45am

John Cooper Works Mini Clubman Revealed

Autoweek.nl is following in the embargo-breaking footsteps of its 'merican magazine cousins (not related). Whereas AutoWeek leaked the early deets on the Clubman, Autoweek.nl's releasing details on the new John Cooper Works edition of the slightly-bigger-than-mini Mini. Our Dutch isn't great, but it looks like it will… » 11/08/07 11:15am 11/08/07 11:15am

New Mini Cooper JCW Spied on Nurburgring

The wicked and worldly watermarkers at World Car Fans tracked down what they claim to be a prototype Mini Cooper S lapping the Ring that is Nurburg. Word-on-the-street says this will be a new, higher-output model for those who want more than the vanilla John Cooper Works R56. The new kit could be sporting a power… » 11/07/07 11:45am 11/07/07 11:45am

Frankfurt Auto Show: 2008 Mini Cooper JCW Challenge

As we told you a couple of weeks back, the tiny auto brand owned by BMW revealed both a car that's a wee bit bigger in size and one that's a wee bit bigger in horsepower, top speed and torque. More on the Clubman later. First off, let's go for More Power! with the Mini Cooper John Cooper Works Challenge. It's a Mini… » 9/12/07 11:30am 9/12/07 11:30am

Geneva Pre-Show: Mini John Cooper Works R56

Funny story. Remember that new Mini JCW Motoring File talked about a few days back. Well, they were completely unwrong about that. It's the new Mini John Cooper Works R56 — a tuning kit for the MINI Cooper S's twin-scroll 1.6-liter four — and it's debuting next week in Geneva. The mild tuning kit can be installed on… » 3/02/07 10:15am 3/02/07 10:15am

Give Me One With the Works: Mini Planning JCW "Stage One Kit"

Those Mini followers at MotoringFile say more speed kitting that bears the name of John Cooper is on the way. Word is, the BMW brand will offer two new JCW products, not just one as it does now. Apparently, the really big news is a high-output, JCW-tuned Mini coming in 2008, which will reportedly be some measure of… » 2/28/07 6:53am 2/28/07 6:53am

John Cooper Works Mini to Come in Automatic

Fans of the Mini's Steptronic-enabled six-speed autobox (maybe we'll call them "devotees") will be able to have their chosen Mini tweaked out with the John Cooper Works package. BMW announced it plans to offer the factory tuning package — which adds 33hp over the Mini Cooper S (203bhp) — on Minis fitted with the… » 12/10/05 8:47am 12/10/05 8:47am