2009 Dodge Journey: Minivan For The Worldwide Masses

The mystery crossover ute we've been seeing spy shots of for the better part of a year is now ready to join Dodge's "Crew" as the Dodge Journey. Set to be unveiled at next month's Frankfurt Auto Show, the Dodge Journey represents the newest assault by the Dodge brand on the global sensibilities MPV market. The… » 8/26/07 12:01am 8/26/07 12:01am

Spy Photos: Dodge JC49 Crossover Spotted On I-75!

Our man with the cam, Evander, snapped some great shots of the upcoming Dodge JC49 crossover with a minivan nanny over on I-75 that we bet could make even Priddy's boys beam with pride. The JC49, which has also been called the "Crew," is built off of the JS/JC platform — the very same one the Sebring and Avenger find… » 5/16/07 4:30pm 5/16/07 4:30pm