Famous Designer Remakes Bugatti Veyron With Inspiration From J.C.…

Beverly Hills celebrity designer Bijan drives a fleet of yellow supercars and is customizing 30 Rolls-Royce sedans for world leaders. Here's a sample on his own Bugatti, the airbrushed lion/chimera/jackalope clearly paying homage to Greg of Akron. (H/T to Gideon!) » 10/18/10 11:00am 10/18/10 11:00am

JC Whitney 1975: Turn Your Car Into a Love Machine

Even the '75 Matador with Oleg Cassini interior would have been improved with the addition of a set of JC Whitney's Vinyl Mod Floor Mats (and it goes without saying that a Yellow Bird Firebird shouldn't have been seen in public without them). With your choice of four grotesquely dated designs, you'd be sporting… » 3/01/07 11:31am 3/01/07 11:31am

JC Whitney 1975: Hood Ornaments

It's still possible to get quite a few of these wonderful 1975 hood ornaments at JC Whitney today- more than you'd think- but my heart sank when I saw that such charismatic chromium canines as the French Poodle, Basset Hound, and German Shepherd have been lost to the passage of 32 years. The Panther, Falcon, and Owl… » 2/23/07 9:06am 2/23/07 9:06am

More 1975 JC Whitney Goodness: Pipe Organ Speakers!

Now here we have an item that's waaaay overdue for a comeback: Pipe Organ Speakers! They LOOK like they sound great- and they do! Actually, I'm guessing they sounded a smidge less than great, but they show the world you're serious about your Starland Vocal Band 8-track! Cheech had a set in his Impala in "Up In Smoke",… » 2/22/07 9:25am 2/22/07 9:25am

If You Can't Buy It, Build It: Wanky The Safety Cat

When I got my first beater car as a proto-hoon of 16, my dad had some excellent advice, straight from the Midwestern heartland where he learned about wrenching: "Son," he said, squinting at my barely-running Corona, popping the top on his can of Old Milwaukee, and taking a mighty swig, "You need to get yourself a JC… » 2/21/07 12:05pm 2/21/07 12:05pm

JC Whitney '75: Hauntingly Beautiful Vinyl Van Murals By Greg of Akron

Hang on to your mood rings, swingin' studs and feathered foxes, because Murilee's got himself a 1975 JC Whitney catalog! And within that catalog are some wonderful things that make me get back to work on the half-finished time machine in the basement. For example, look at what $7.95 or $12.95 would get you: a genuine… » 2/20/07 8:17am 2/20/07 8:17am

CHMSL Not Bruce Enough For You? Try Winky The Cat!

If the third brakelight on your 911 simply isn't highly precise enough, might we suggest adding Winky the Cat to your rear parcel shelf? When interfaced with your taillights, Winky's eyes blink in sync with your signals, telegraphing an extra degree of safety to following motorists. Commenter Murilee Martin lamented… » 11/14/06 10:30pm 11/14/06 10:30pm

News Flash: JC Whitney Sells Cheese!

No, really. This has to be one of the best jokes on the part of a purchasing department ever. For the holidays, JC Whitney, purveyors of fur-covered automotive thamofrazzes, is selling an assortment of cheese baskets, ranging from the "Season's Greeting Holiday Gift Basket" to the "Finer Things Gourment Gift Basket." Next… » 11/13/06 10:45pm 11/13/06 10:45pm