The Muscle Car Wars Are On! Chrysler's Vines Fires A Salvo At Chevy PR…

Looks like this Muscle Car "cold war" just turned hot — and just in time for the world's largest single-day classic car cruise. To recap — earlier today at a Chrysler Group press event, the PR peeps from Chevy made a point of letting the Chrysler folks know that they were stepping on the Generals turf by driving… » 8/15/06 5:50pm 8/15/06 5:50pm

Sweet Peet D. Fires Back at Chrysler: Autoextremist/Vines War a Go

His Royal D-ness wasn't too happy at the rebuttal Jason Vines posted on Chrysler's Firehouse media-only blog, which we reposted here. Referring to Vines as "Dieter Zetsche's snarky little bag-man," (to be fair, Vines did call him a "Dieter eater" first) he goes on to exhort,
» 6/30/06 3:30pm 6/30/06 3:30pm

In the following item, he takes down…

Something Rotten in Detroit: AutoExtremist And Jason Vines Spar On…

Sweet Peet D. is at it again. This time he's taking the shine off of GM's recent buyout news and claiming it's not as rosy picture that most news outlets are reporting. The reason? Detroit's latest round of price-slashing is proof that the big three are still addicted to incentives. At least this time GM understands… » 6/28/06 6:57pm 6/28/06 6:57pm

Chrysler PR Chief Acknowledges Blogosphere, With the Back of His Hand

Chrysler's VP of Public Relations, Jason Vines tossed a grenade in the direction of a certain other automotive blog today in a post over at The Firehouse, Chrysler's media-only blog. Earlier today, Edmunds Inside Line quoted Vines as saying Dodge has yet to make a decision regarding the future of the company's… » 5/16/06 7:38pm 5/16/06 7:38pm

Edmunds: Dodge Challenger Not Ready for Production

To all of us who've been thinking a production version of the Dodge Challenger concept shown in Detroit this year is a done deal, Edmunds Inside Line says, hold it, bunky. According to Chrysler's mouthpiece-in-chief, Jason Vines, a business case for Dodge's new two-door has yet to be made, despite earlier reports… » 5/16/06 12:25pm 5/16/06 12:25pm