Project JDM Honda Logo: Here's All The Shit I Did This Week

The Honda Logo GA3 5-Door D-series hatch (the Fit before the Fit) was in pretty poor shape when I bought it a year and a half ago for $975. Mechanically, it’s great! Passes inspection, has insurance, has a comfortable interior, all that... Jazz (womp womp). However, the outside was trashed, and I’ve even had a few…

Half Of The 525th Fighter Squadron's F-22s Deploy To Japan In Big Show Of Force

Seeing F-22s deploy internationally is nothing new, but usually it’s in relatively small groups of four to eight jets. Yet the 525th Fighter Squadron based at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, has just moved 12 F-22s (half of its inventory) to Yokota Air Base in Japan. Obviously such a potent deployment is meant to send a strong…

This Electric Mini Wangan Midnight Datsun Z Is Actually A Subaru 360

Turning cars into other cars is not such a strange concept. That’s basically the entire point of “replicas,” and there will always be those who attempt to convince others that a replica is the real thing. But they shouldn’t be confused with those who playfully create miniature versions, like this Blue Demon Datsun Z…

Honda N-One Kei Mini Truck Concept Is Adorable, Comes With Toy Version

Few Honda platforms have proven as versatile as the N-series. The N-One specifically has had a “natural” concept. The N Box Slash has a “camper.” Yet, I find neither of these as delightful at the N-Lab N-One “Friendly 2 Seater” Mini Truck concept. It’s useful, it’s clean, and it’s outright adorable.