This Modified Jeep Is Ready For Combat

American tactical vehicles have become huge and complicated over the years, to the point that considering a Jeep Wrangler as an alternative is almost counterintuitive. But that's where the American military's offroad prowess all started, after all, even if U.S. military planners show little inclination for going in… » 6/12/12 4:30pm 6/12/12 4:30pm

A Vehicular Appendix To "Zero History"

William Gibson's "Zero History" is a bridge between gearheads and sci-fi fans, offering both a glimpse into the other's world. From Ekranpolans to Hiluxes, here's a guide for both fans to the amazing vehicles in the final Bigend trilogy novel. » 10/21/10 4:30pm 10/21/10 4:30pm

Jeep J8's Invade Detroit Veterans Day Parade

A pair of very cool Jeep J8's joined the fray in Detroit's Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, one bristling with weapons the other wearing an awesome hardtop. They also had news they'd be built soon in South Carolina. » 11/09/09 2:30pm 11/09/09 2:30pm