10 Of The Most Insane Death-Defying Stunts From Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction and fantasy movies are full of amazing visuals — but the coolest thing about any SF film is usually that there's a real live human being in the middle of all that overwhelming strangeness. We want to see ourselves, in all our human frailty, juxtaposed with the danger and mystery of fantasy — and… » 12/14/12 4:27pm 12/14/12 4:27pm

New 'Jane' Editor a Drag Racer. In New Jersey.

We were rather distraught when Jane Pratt announced that she was stepping down from the helm of her eponymously titled women's magazine. No, seriously. We were down with Sassy in the day, and even went to the Jane party at SXSW in hopes of meeting her. Our sister site Gawker reports that her just-announced… » 8/08/05 12:37pm 8/08/05 12:37pm