It Was 50 Years Ago Today: James Dean's Unfortunate Demise

Our boy Big Rick Stuart of KFOG who we used to listen to on Live 105 back when we the were the young Bay Area collegiate type hipped us to the fact that today, in fact, is the anniversary of archetypical actor/gearhead James Dean's fatal run-in with Donald Turnipseed's Ford near tiny Cholame, California. If you're… » 9/30/05 8:24am 9/30/05 8:24am

Li'l Bastard, Where Art Thou? Auto Museum Offers a Cool Mil for Dean's Porsche

The car that put Cholame, California on the map, a Porsche 550 Spyder often described as cursed, was largely believed to have been stolen after its carcass was stripped for parts by noted customizer George Barris, an old friend of James Dean, who famously perished in the car after smacking into Donald Turnipseed's… » 8/30/05 12:32pm 8/30/05 12:32pm