Is This $33 Million James Bond Car Collection A Bargain?

For the low sum of $33 million, you could own this collection of 60 vehicles used in various James Bond films, and when I say low sum, I might not be exaggerating. $33 Million is certainly no small sum, not to mention the additional costs of transporting, storing, and maintaining this veritable armada, but I think… » 2/27/14 2:15pm 2/27/14 2:15pm

James Bond Can Now Break The Speed Limit In Britain, Legally

It's often said that real-life spy work is nothing like being James Bond. James Bond is all about shooting things and explosions and women and car chases, which is supposedly not real spy work. But with a new change in law, that last bit may just become reality, because British spies are now allowed to break the speed… » 1/12/14 1:38pm 1/12/14 1:38pm

ZOMG! Elon Musk To Turn Lotus Submarine Into Working Bond Car

Earlier today we brought you the scoop that Elon Musk was the secret buyer of the Bond Lotus submarine. Now we've heard from Musk about his plans for the car. They are so amazing your brain may explode, Scanners-style, from pure amazement. » 10/17/13 8:05pm 10/17/13 8:05pm

Why The Spy Who Loved Me Is The Greatest Car Movie Of All Time

There is one movie from the modern era that features the following: Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, helicopters, sexy helicopter pilots, a Lotus Esprit, a Lotus Esprit Submarine, funky disco music, and a man with metal teeth. That movie is The Spy Who Loved Me, and it is cinema at its finest. » 9/12/13 2:52pm 9/12/13 2:52pm

I Definitely Didn't Buy James Bond's Submarine Lotus For $866,000

Sure, the Aston Martin DB5 is the car everyone thinks of when they think of Britain's suavest secret agent, but his best car is the impossibly cool Lotus Esprit submarine. And now it has sold, probably to an evil genius that definitely isn't me, for $866,000. » 9/11/13 9:56am 9/11/13 9:56am

How A Guy Found A $1 Million James Bond Car In A $100 Storage Unit

Remember when we told you that James Bond's famous Lotus Esprit Submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me is headed to auction soon? It turns out that's only half the story — the truly crazy story is about the guy who found it in a storage container he bought for $100. » 7/30/13 3:14pm 7/30/13 3:14pm

James Bond's Lotus Submarine Can Now Be Mine And You Can't Touch It

When James Bond drove a Lotus Esprit off a pier into the ocean in The Spy Who Loved Me, 12-year old me lost his shit. "Did he just kill that Lotus?!" No. No he didn't. In fact, it transformed into a submarine. Seeing that blew my mind more than LSD, not that I know how LSD works. And now I can own it. I'm freaking out. » 6/28/13 10:05am 6/28/13 10:05am

Skyfall Filmmakers 3D-Printed This Rare Aston Martin So They Wouldn't…

These days filmmakers often turn to computer graphics for scenes of destruction that would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous to stage in real life. But Skyfall posed a different problem. Namely that the effects crew didn't want to damage a priceless 1960 Aston Martin DB 5 that appeared in the original Bond film… » 11/12/12 10:48am 11/12/12 10:48am

Every Single James Bond Car Ever

Crowds of James Bond fans will be lining up to see Skyfall tonight in glorious IMAX. They'll be watching Bond back behind the wheel of a classic Aston Martin (more money that way). And It's on the occasion of a Bond film we get to nerd-out and talk about the cars. » 11/08/12 4:15pm 11/08/12 4:15pm

This Is The Greatest Car Chase In James Bond's 50 Year History

Today is the 50th anniversary of the release of Dr. No, the first Bond film. And besides having tons of sex (and probably contracting an equal number of STDs) over his now 50 year career, Bond has been responsible for some of the greatest car chases in movie history. » 9/12/12 3:30pm 9/12/12 3:30pm