The Greatest (Jalopnik) T-Shirt Of All Time On Sale For Limited Time

Often while walking my marmoset I’ll be stopped on the street by a fan, frequently a priest, who will inquire as to the possibility of acquiring one of our fine Blipshift t-shirts. “Tough luck, Padre!” I’ll say, flipping them a nickel for their trouble. Alas, the shirt is back. And it’s freakin’ brown! »8/06/15 10:00pm8/06/15 10:00pm

Help Blipshift Create The Next Next Great Jalopnik T-Shirt, Win Prizes

Our first Jalopshift t-shirt was one of Blipshift's most popular shirts ever, which is why we've partnered with blipshift again to produce the ultimate Jalopnik t-shirt. Oh yeah, and you'll have a chance to design it again and then see your shirt at their pop-up store and our big party. Here are the details. »3/26/14 4:07pm3/26/14 4:07pm