Jalopnik Precast: Next Cadillac CTS-V to Suck (The Doors off the BMW…

Spinelli and Farago talk about Cadillac's potential M5-beating 2009 CTS-V. Will it be able to "suck the doors off" the Bimmer as Bob Lutz says, or will it be an also-ran. And mark your calendars. The two will be hosting RPM on Maxim Radio, Sirius 108 tomorrow at 2-3pm Eastern. Be there or miss talking about avoiding… » 5/30/07 5:57pm 5/30/07 5:57pm

Jalopnik Precast: A New Gear for the DSG, The Next Caddy CTS, a $9…

On today's Jalopnik precast, Spinelli and Farago have a love fest over the next, seven-speed DSG box from VW/Audi — which WhatCar? says will be out later this year. Then they wonder if the new Cadillac CTS's front end is gaudy or not and if stuffing a new Mercedes into a racetrack wall at 130 mph offers commensurate… » 5/21/07 6:45pm 5/21/07 6:45pm

Jalopnik Precast: Audi TT, Ruf CTR3, GM's Next Hybrid Concept

On today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago talk about the latest Audi TT, why it exists and if it's worth the premium over the Volkswagen GTI (seriously). Then they discuss the Ruf CTR3, an ultra-tuned version of the Porsche 911 (yes, the 911) and wonder if GM hasn't gotten this whole enviro-PR thing down cold.… » 4/13/07 5:19pm 4/13/07 5:19pm

Jalopnik Precast: A Funeral for Enzo, A RUF for Farago

On Today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago discuss how of viewers' desire to see rich folks laid low has spurred on the Enzo-crash publicity boon the movie "Redline" now enjoys. And they look at a car Farago says is just about powerful enough for the Porsche Cayman's chassis — the RUF CTR3. That's 700… » 4/11/07 11:34am 4/11/07 11:34am

Jalopnik Precast: Reviewing Rental Cars, SSC's Speed Record Attempt,

On today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago discuss alternatives to reviewing press cars — and the triumphs and pitfalls of renting and test drives. They also look at SSC's attempt at the speed record for production cars and one online forum's quest to get Ford to bring back the Taurus SHO. As Farago says,… » 3/14/07 5:39pm 3/14/07 5:39pm

Jalopnik Precast: Nutzo BMW M5 Tuner, Chrysler's Potential Buyers,…

On today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago discuss one California tuning firm's attempt at the land speed record. Well, not quite, but their 810-hp BMW M5 with the crocodile interior might break something else. Then they look at some potential churn-and-burn buyers for Chrysler and TechArt's 630-hp Porsche 911… » 2/23/07 3:00pm 2/23/07 3:00pm

Jalopnik Precast: Cost Savings at Ford, Audi's New A5, Maserati's New…

On today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago wonder if the UAW will go for pay cuts and other cost-saving measures one analyst says are forthcoming. They also look at the new Audi A5, images of which leaked online last night, and the new Maserati GranTourismo coupe. Are they hot, or not in the least? » 2/20/07 11:50am 2/20/07 11:50am

Jalopnik Precast: We're Back Edition, Chrysler for Sale — Cheap

On today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago return after a hiatus that involved one of them getting the flu, and the other wondering when they'd get back to talking crap about cars and related issues. Today, the two wonder what will become of Chrysler now that it's officially on the block. Will it be part of… » 2/19/07 12:46pm 2/19/07 12:46pm

Jalopnik Precast: Honda in Accord, BMW M5 Manual Snafu, AMG

On today's Jalopnik Precast, Farago and Spinelli wonder if Honda will continue its generation gap between the Civic and Accord. They also consider the problem of carmakers catering a bit too much to their customers, vis- -vis the BMW M5 six-speed manual for the US, and wonder where in Dodge's line will fit a small… » 1/26/07 3:13pm 1/26/07 3:13pm