Jalopnik Paris Pissing Match: Honda Insight vs. Toyota Prius

OK folks, now that the new Prius-fighter from Honda has officially seen the sheet dropped »10/02/08 5:50pm10/02/08 5:50pm at the early this morning, it's time to ask the important question — which one will win? In one corner, you've got the long-time champion of the hybrid arena. In the other, the pugnacious new , determined to beat the Prius in at…


Jon Stewart Shows Us His Kind Of Hybrid, We Ask Which Comedian Is More Jalopnik

Remember that whole Stewart-Colbert-O'Brien thing during the writer strike a month ago? Well, it looks like Jon Stewart's still trying to best the competition for most Jalopnik late night host last night on The Daily Show. Apparently, he eschews those fancy-pants hybrids desired by every other Manhattanite in favor of… »5/01/08 10:40am5/01/08 10:40am

The Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles

We asked you what you think the best post-apocalyptic vehicle would be, assuming you could fuel it up and were unable to stay in one place due to the lack of other resources (and likely abundance of radioactive zombies looking for a tasty brain to munch upon). The response we received from commenters was phenomenal.… »2/25/08 10:00am2/25/08 10:00am

Jeep JT Concept vs 2008 Corvette Z06: What Should Wert Drive To His High School Reunion?

I was the fat kid in high school. There, I said it. In fact, I was what you'd call "unpopular" — I'd never get invited to the parties, never got the date with the cheerleader and most certainly never drove the cool car. But all that pent-up pain and angst finally has the opportunity to release itself this Saturday… »11/23/07 1:30pm11/23/07 1:30pm

The Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide: What's The Worst Auto-Related Gift?

We've counted down the worst of the worst in car gifts, from well-meaning packages such as the crappy tool kit, to the outright abortion-of-a-gift that is the Chicken Soup book for people that like NASCAR. But which gift from the ten shown in our Black Friday-celebrating Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide would send you… »11/23/07 1:00pm11/23/07 1:00pm