Naked Jalopnik: The Meanest Thing We Did At The Detroit Auto Show

Much like our comrades over at Gizmodo, we believe no trade show is complete without a little mischief. Here's ours for the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. » 1/16/09 4:15pm 1/16/09 4:15pm

New York Times Loves The Jalopnik Mobile Command Center

America's newspaper printing all the news that's fit to print highlights the Jalopnik Mobile Command Center, America's most fit electric-powered auto-journo-mobile. [New York Times] » 1/13/09 2:20pm 1/13/09 2:20pm

Jalopnik GEM-Powered Detroit Auto Show Mobile Command Center

Want to know what that mystery electric car was? Why it's our very own Jalopnik GEM-powered Detroit Auto Show Mobile Command Center, and it's why we've had the fastest coverage at this year's show! » 1/12/09 1:45pm 1/12/09 1:45pm