Ask An Airline Dispatcher Anything You Want About Air Travel

It's the job of the airline dispatcher to make sure your flight makes it from your point of origin to your destination. Delays at your airport? It's the dispatcher the pilot is calling. Need to get around a storm? It's the dispatcher making that call. Next to the pilot and air traffic controller, there's no one as… »7/27/12 2:00pm7/27/12 2:00pm


Ask SRT President And Designer Ralph Gilles Anything You Want About The New Viper

If you were born a gearhead, Ralph Gilles is essentially who you wanted to be when you grew up. Like most of us, Ralph started drawing cars when he was young, unlike most of us he turned that passion into a job at Chrysler where he became a break out star following the design of the company's extremely successful… »7/26/12 1:15pm7/26/12 1:15pm